From ‘back against the wall’ to ‘wind at our backs’: SPOT 2021 was everything we needed!

Photo: Allan Høgholm

SPOT 2021 thank you all for some amazing music days characterized by unity and reunion. 

It has been a long, tough and challenging road towards a redemption that we can only be thankful for. When 2020 became 2021, SPOT had its back against the wall, the sun in the eyes and our very existence was at stake – just like so many others in the music industry.  

Nine months later we stand here with the wind in our backs and the future wide open. With a mix of luck and competence, we ended up with a SPOT Festival true to its nature – immediately after the last Covid-19 restrictions were gone.

A big thanks to everyone who helped and carried the burdens during the planning and execution of SPOT 2021. Musikhuset, the venues and associations in Aarhus and the many City SPOT-venues where the music is still playing right now. 

Thanks for all the music we got to present. It was truly an outstanding line-up with the new and amazing insanely skilled musicians, songwriters, producers and performers.  We’re proud to be the center of so much talent. 

Thanks to the SPOT audience for once again supporting and creating a great community around the music. It is impossible not to be proud of the audiences present, joyful and including way of creating a party for the music and performers. Even though not everything went as planned, or in a perfect way, our audiences have returned with nothing but patience and understanding.

A big thanks to all SPOTs employees and volunteers who have worked above and beyond this year to create the festival. A special love to Aarhus Volume for an almost symbiotic partnership, fourth time in a row. 

Thank you to the board for loyal support of the festival’s values and work and thanks to our partners for the trust and for taking their part of the working load. 

Thanks to our main sponsor Tuborg for great cooperation. 
A big thanks to Aarhus Kommune, Danish Arts Foundations music selection, KODA, DAF, DMF and all other contributors, big and small.

Thanks to Promus and MXD for the collaboration around SPOT+ and the international invitation work and thanks to the 1000 representatives from the Danish and international music business for supporting the mission and being there for the music.

An extraordinary effort from SPOTs professional key people who have made it possible for most of us to go to bed with a smile on our faces and dreams that it can only be as amazing in 2022 – maybe even better. 

All good to everyone

Gunnar K. Madsen