KarriereKanonen Special at SPOT 2021

Experience KarriereKanonen when former participants and the latest winners in the talent project meet in a live show with loads of love for the different musical genres and expressions. KarriereKanonen Special celebrates music and shows that the artists from KarriereKanonen stand on the shoulders of each other.

Pil writes songs in Danish about the odd feelings in an uplifting and playful pop univers. Loneliness and unhappy love is described as precisely as possible and the newly struck winner of KarriereKanonen 2021 has especially gotten success with the songs ‘Nattely’ and ‘Omvendt’.

Behind the project Marcus.wav you’ll find 23-year-old Marcus Bjerring, who creates the sound of a young man’s thoughts through the frustrating and fabulous twenties. Marcus.wav is one of the winners of the 2021-edition of KarriereKanonen.

såforsatan is the un-schooled boy from Copenhagen who mixes jazz with heavy hip hop and merciless lyrics. The selv-delivering lyrics was contributing to securing a victory in Danish music competition KarriereKanonen in 2020

føl som
The Aarhus/Aalborg-based duo consist of rapper Emmanuel Matongo and producer Frederik Reese, and they released their debut single ‘Mit Blod’ in fall 2019. With melodic, honest lyrics and dreamy, hard-hitting beats, the duo reverses the definition of the word “sensitive (følsom)”.

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