Stars, talents, and a new collab: 9 names added to the SPOT 2021 poster!

Even though we are no way near done with announcing artists yet, the poster is starting to look pretty damn sharp, if we may say so ourselves. In the midst of the summer and football euphoria, we’re sprinkling stardust all over the poster – so much, you can see it sparkling in the summer sun. 

Selina Gin, who we know and love from Nelson Can, will be presenting her long-awaited solo project. After delivering nothing but hits, Saveus will return to SPOT and deliver a show that will generate enough power to light up Aarhus for about a weekend. Calby is far from burned out (get it?) but will take on the festival in top form. The young debutant GR8SCOTT will take us back to the future. The extremely talented Dayyani will spellbind us. Pauline will knock you off your feet and hit you right in the heart, as she has already done with us. Soon will go straight from SPOT to an international breakthrough. The absolutely brilliant Kh Marie will deliver a performance that you’ll never forget. And last, but not least, a new and exciting collab, DAWN – Århus Sinfonietta x Bona Fide, will be showcased at SPOT, hovering around subjects such as longing and magic, faith, hope, and love – always with the rising sea in the horizon.

As soon as Denmark has won the European championship, September can’t come fast enough!