SPOT 2021: 10 New Acts on the Poster

At last, summer is here! Shorts, dresses, sunglasses, and pollen allergies left and right.

In a normal, Covid-free world, this would without a doubt go hand-in-hand with huge concerts at open spaces and screaming along to some of the biggest hits around. Though we might have to settle with a summer touched by restrictions due to Covid-19, we’re extremely excited with the number of events announced all over Denmark. 

And you know what? We’re also quite excited about being able to update our poster with one pile of artists after another these days – and this week is no exception. Today, we’re announcing ten new additions to the line-up, and we’re proud to present a solid mixture of established artists and fresh new talents. 

We really, really can’t wait!

Psst! We’re announcing more acts this Friday. 

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