Comment: We feel the pressure to get the wheels running again

Photo: Søren Rajczyk

Yesterday was a dark day for festivals in Denmark, and our thoughts go out to all of our colleagues who have had to close the season yet again before it even started – we are looking forward to seeing all of you and your festivals in 2022.

The situation months from now seems a bit chaotic at the moment – which rules apply when and which exceptions applies to whom? Naturally it is something that impacts our us and our planning here at SPOT.

A big part of our lineup consists of smaller names and new talents from the music scene. A group of artists which has been hit hard on their possibilities to develop an audience and knowledge of their music, and as hard as the music business have had it as a whole, our fear is that the capital and power which normally is put into the new talents, will be missing in the coming years.

That is why we are more than set to make SPOT 2021 a reality in September so we continuously can contribute to a platform for new and established artists. And our hope is naturally to carry out the festival under as normal conditions as the Danish government has warned.

It is a justified fear that the vaccine programme is changed ongoing because of different political priorities which could end up as a threat to concerts in the coming fall and maybe even after further on.

But we feel a great pressure from artists, the business and the audience to get the wheels running again. And so we do our very best to plan all aspects of the festival according to the current demands and rules from the authorities.

It will be to much of a sadness, not to believe that the pandemic has a smaller impact on our everyday life at that time – so right now we a looking forward with excitement to meet a great part of the new and thrilling Danish artists and musicians in the center of Aarhus on September 16.-17.

Maybe we will be forced to reduce our number of tickets? Maybe we will have to take special precautions?

We don’t know it yet but we believe that the possible obstacles in the next few months will end happily so we all can meet in September at SPOT 2021.