16 New Additions to the Partner Program

Oppenheimer association, Gutter Island Garage Rock Festival, Way Up North Festival in Aalborg, and Swedish Westside Music – all of them are contributing to an impressive program for SPOT.

Oppenheimer is known for their own festival in Aarhus, and has decided to present raw-pop band Luster and the English speaking Hip Hop act MONTI at this year’s SPOT. Those who are more into rock music might be interested in the five bands presented by the guys from Gutter Island: Columbian Neckties, Fright Eye, Orcas, Scumbag Millionaire (SE), and Wet Dreams (NO).

Way Up North Festival in Aalborg decided to take six bands down south to SPOT. With Blood Child, Hjalte Ross, Lunar, P601 (picture), Salvia, and WOLFF, you can experience some of the best acts the north of Denmark has to offer.

Last but not least, the independent Swedish music company platform Westside Music joins SPOT with three bands: Easy October (SE), Tilde Hjelm & The Desert Orchids (SE), and Topplock (SE).

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