SPOT 2017 may be over, but there’s a lot of good memories out there:

Adam Nealon – A&R, Secretly Group (UK)
What I love about SPOT is how everyone is so enthusiastic about it. It is great to see Danish industry people interacting with international delegates, surrounded by great music.

Daniel Koch – editor in chief, Intro Magazin (DE)
“SPOT is still one of the nicest showcase festivals in Europe. Aarhus is rich of great locations, the atmosphere is cosy and constructive and the line-up always has some things you did not expect up its sleeve. This year Lød, Shitkid, Sløtface and Teitur & Nico Muhlys „Confessions“ made my day(s).

Laura Snapes – music journalist, The Guardian and Pitchfork (UK)
“This morning I was wandering through the city and suddenly, I saw a stage in the middle of the canal. It is pretty cool that SPOT has a lot of off-program stuff going on around the city, which allow people to actually access the festival without the need of a pass. Everybody’s been really nice and all the music has been extremely high standard. In the UK people are just standing with their arms folded, waiting to be impressed. But, last night, when I got to see Alma, and First Hate in particular, the crowd was going nuts, which was very cool to see.”

Michel Attia – Head of Booking & Events, ORF FM4 (DE/AT)
„In my opinion, Spot offers a comprehensive outline of the Danish and Nordic newcomers. Situated in a charming town with cool venues and friendly people, this is one of my favourite showcase festivals in all of Europe!”

Morten Varano – Musician and producer, Slow Train Soul (DK)
“SPOT festival is really nice, because it sets the foundations for new bands to be heard and to kickstart their career.”

Mareike Hettler – Label manager, Grönland Records (DE)
“Always a pleasure to be in Aarhus, seeing exiting new bands and making new contacts”

Tim Dunham – Nordic Manager (Ingrooves)/ Co-owner, U OK (NO)
“SPOT is always a great place for me to check out what’s going on in Denmark. It is a super well organized festival in a very nice city.”

Alfredo Rosso – Music journalist, La Casa del Rock Naciente (AR)
”This festival has surpassed my expectations. While other festivals and music scenes are just imitating the most iconic westernized music styles we all know, SPOT festival, through its multiple partnerships and its enormous diversity, creates its own essence”.

Frank Lenggenhager – PR, Lautstark (CH)
“I’m a regular attendee to SPOT. It’s my seventh time here! What I really enjoy about SPOT is the great music and that is also a business place where you can actually do some real business.”

Márk Bóna – European booker, Sziget Festival (HU)
“This is my first time here at SPOT, but I’ve really liked it! There are so many gigs it is impossible to see them all, but that’s okay, because there is a way finding the bands in the festival’s database.”

Márton Náray – Rock For The People and Nouvelle Prague (CZ)
“I really enjoy being for the first time at SPOT festival. It is a really great place to meet people from Denmark and Scandinavia, as well as it is great for meeting new speakers and contacts in order to connect the Scandinavian music industry with the Czech music business.”