Sunshine in Aarhus and a SPOT on the music

An open-minded, warm and dedicated festival audience.

Hundreds of professional, satisfied, international guests from the music industry and media resulting in great international attention devoted to Danish and Nordic music.

More than 1500 Danish and Nordic songwriters, musicians, DJs and performers playing a staggering 280 showcases at 38 stages in the course of 72 hours.

Sold out.

A lot of people ask us whether we are happy and satisfied. And yes, indeed we are!
We are happy because the music has been strong, varied, and well-curated.

SPOT presents Danish and Nordic music, supports talent and growth, and improves and shares cultural and commercial knowhow.

To many bands and artists, SPOT is the first big test in front of a large crowd and members of the music business, while for the audience SPOT is a unique opportunity to meet the stars of tomorrow.

That is why it is so great to feel that the international interest in Danish and Nordic music is intact and that the media and music business people from all over the world can both capitalize on and enjoy SPOT.

Danish and Nordic music is doing well both in terms of quality and diversity. That remains the conclusion as we are closing down SPOT 2017 and begin to focus on SPOT 2018.

It is by now a SPOT tradition to innovate – in terms of formats, diversity and content, and we are going to stick to that tradition. At the same time, we will do our utmost to present new fascinating Danish and Nordic music next year as well.

A big, heartfelt thank you to everyone who one way or the other has contributed or in some other way supported, shown or taken an active interest in Danish and Nordic music before, during and after SPOT.

See you all at SPOT 2018 10th -13th May!

Gunnar K. Madsen, head of SPOT Festival


Blondage on stage (Photo: MIchael B. Nielsen)