The line-up for SPOT 2017 are with the addition of 40 new act, very close at being complete.

The pop stars from Scarlet Pleasure (photo), who are behind major hits like ‘Windy’ and ‘Heat’, will bring new material, including their latest single ‘Deja Vu’ to SPOT 2017. Their 80’s inspired groovy pop songs will surely kickstart a party.

Electronic music prodigy Sekuoia will also be performing at SPOT, following the release of his highly praised album ‘Flac’ in 2016. Another electronic music connoisseur; Lydmor, who has been touring in both Europe, South America and Asia, and recently spent a year in Shanghai composing her new album, will be performing her new material for the first time, at SPOT 2017.

Rapper Tuuttimörkö from Finland, who have become notorious in his home country for his epic live shows and Norwegian singer/songwriter Siv Jakobsen are also joining the SPOT line-up.

Furthermore, rock newcomers Alcabean, whose melodic noise-rock have received attention in the UK, CHILDRENN, whose members consist of highly experienced musicians, from bands like Psyched Up Janis, The Raveonettes, and Baby Woodrose will also be playing, alongside promising young pop singstress Drew, who has been touring with big acts like of Duné and Alex Vargas.

All the new acts are:

Lord Siva, Auður (IS), Sekuoia, Siv Jakobsen (NO), Tuuttimörkö (FI), The Warmongers, Lydmor, Sagt i Plenum, Molina, JFDR, True North, The Savage Rose, Maximillian, Katinka, Kops, Scarlet Pleasure, Iris Gold, Baby Handshake, Alcabean, Nûrnbear, Jærv, Kajsa Vala, The Chairman, Tårn, The Boy That Got Away, Ida Kudo, Sundays, In Memoirs, Outer Region, Teenage Love, mono mono, Turquoise Sun, Vesper, CHILDRENN, Darling Don’t Dance, Son Of Caesar, Excelsior, Drew, Great News (NO), Shi (DE)