S!B!P x Soundvenue Pre-Party

Thu May 4th 20:00 | RADAR

The Music agency smash!bang!pow! in collaboration with SOUNDVENUE invites everyone to a blast of a SPOT pre-party at RADAR – all killers, no fillers!

Thus, you can look forward to no less than five concerts with some of s!b!p!’s prominent acts as well as some exciting new artists.

First Hate (Escho) gives modern club culture a dark twist, while Marching Church (Sacred Bones Records) with Elias Rønnefelt (Iceage) at the front will go on stage with the local rock lads of Yung (Fat Possum Records), whose breakneck garage-grunge punk has impressed most of the world.

Then there are the alluring 80s synth pop, from GENTS (Big Oil Records) as well as alternative r’n’b from the promising duo Saint Cava with Erika Casier’s unique voice at the centre. Last but not least, the young, local heroes of LISS (XL Recordings) will be there too to give a DJ set.