Días Nórdicos

Sat May 6th 15:15
Dokk1 – Rampen

What happens when you match very different musicians from the Nordic countries, Argentina and Spain and let them spend three days on making brand new music? You can hear the result here, when two Nordic acts, Varano’s Slow Train Soul and Ida Wenøe, team up with Argentinian electronic wizard Alex Krygier and the ingenious Spanish singer Le Parody, etc.. A project that transcends geography and genres. In Buenos Aires in November it was a tremendous show, and it won’t be any different at Dokk1

Organized in collaboration with Días Nórdicos og Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires.


Slow Train Soul (Denmark/UK)
Slow Train Soul’s debut album ‘Illegal Cargo’ traveled miles. Lady Z and Morten Varano’s elegant mix of nu jazz electronica has been on countless compilations, Hotel Costes, Buddha Bar, Nirvana Lounge, Café Mambo… with combined sales of 1.2 million records. Now they are back together, ready to excite audiences globally with their energetic shows. Just like they did previously at venues from Roskilde Festival to Radio City Music Hall.

Ida Wenøe (Denmark)
Ida’s music has got traces from both the folk scene of the 60s and 70s and the Danish treasury of songs. From Carl Nielsen to Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen. At the same time, however, the music has something very fresh and contemporary in both sound and lyrics, which  places Ida Wenøe in a niche all of her own – a kind of folk noir.


Mariana Päraway (Argentina)
Guitarist, songwriter, singer and restless explorer of any instrument she can get her hands on, Mariana Päraway has managed to become a multifaceted artist on stage, whether she’s behind a harp, with a charango or with her guitar. Her curiosity-driven quest is also reflected when she is composing and creating, and is expressed in her recordings.


Diosque (Argentina)
Juan Román Diosque is an Argentinian singer-songwriter and producer. His latest album Constante received lots of acclaim  in the specialized national and international media. The music of Diosque is expressed between romantic and baroque, pop and experimental. This year his single (included on his next album) ‘Touch my bones’ came out.


Lucio Mantel (Argentina)
Since the arrival of his debut album Nictógrafo (2008), Lucio Mantel has been ranked among the most prominent artists of the contemporary music scene. His acoustic approach captures the audacity of rock, the poetic depth of Argentine folklore, and the Latin American freshness of the 21st century.


Axel Krygier (Argentina)
Musician, producer and composer. In the 90s he held the role of multi-instrumentalist in bands such as La Portuaria and the last Soda Stereo concert tour. He composed numerous soundtracks for film, tv, dance, and theater. He is a member of Sexteto Irreal, with which he recorded Jogging (2010).


Le Parody (Spain)
Sole Parody, better known by her stage name Le Parody, is a musician and recording artist from southern Spain. She is also a poet and feminist activist. She began her music career as a student in Los Angeles and was a member of various bands in Madrid. Le Parody’s work has consistently received praise for its distinct musical style, which features African folk, Bollywood rhythms, Asian echoes, Flamenco beats and a rave attitude.


Ricardo Vicente (Spain)
Composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and Philosophy teacher Ricardo Vicente is a familiar face in the Spanish indie scene. After years of playing in important bands as Tachenko, La Costa Brava and Nixon, in 2013 he began his solo career with the release of ¿Qué haces tan lejos de casa?, which was also a novel and was met with great reviews. His sophomore album Hotel Florida (2015), with which he toured all over Spain, was also praised by critics.